Fraubraun was set up by Stefanie Braun to showcase her eclectic and lovingly sourced vintage fashion collection ranging from the 1930s to 1980s. For over a decade Stefanie worked as a curator at The Photographers' Gallery in London (2000 - 2012). In addition to her love for all things photographic she pursued her other passion - collecting exquisite vintage fashion from across Europe and the US which lead her to set up her online shop in 2009.

Stefanie believes that her collection of both high-end designer labels as well as pieces by anonymous designers should be celebrated by being worn today. To emphasise this idea, Stefanie asked real women to model the dresses for her online catalogue. Taking their photograph with the help of a cable release creates a playful scenario for each model to freely interpret the mood and feel of the garment in their distinct personal style. Over the years, Fraubraun has been invited with her mobile photo studio to numerous events and festivals including the V&A's Friday Late, Wayne Hemingway's Vintage Festival and the London Fashion Weekend.

Fraubraun is about discovering timeless and carefully edited pieces with a contemporary edge for everyday wear and special occasions. Stefanie says: "Vintage fashion allows you to own something truly unique. It is just so wonderful when someone falls in love with a piece and it looks as if it has always been waiting for them."

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